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Beaglebone 101: Linux Tricks for Backing up and Resizing your microSD Card

I recently came across a couple of ideas on Raspberry Pi forums that made me think “wow, that’s so crazy it might just work!” These are disk management commands that Linux allows, but probably shouldn’t.  Even Linux power users go … Continue reading

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Beaglebone Linux 101: Configuring Angstrom Linux

My previous two articles about the Beaglebone (here and  here) focused on using it as a development platform for handling Arduino-like tasks: interacting with digital, analog and serial devices. In this article I’m going to cover the basics of using … Continue reading

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Beaglebone Coding 101: Using the Serial and Analog Pins

[Updated Jan 25: Correction! There is a 1.8V voltage source on the Beaglebone: Port 9 Pin 32.  Thanks to Koen Kooi for the info.  I’ve updated the text with this information] [Update May 5: In kernel version 3.2.14, the file … Continue reading

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