Tablets VS Laptops

As technology is constantly advancing, tablets have become an extremely popular technology purchase for many. However, it is a common question whether tablets are replacing laptops in recent years and if they are in fact a better purchase than a laptop.


It has been found that tablets are used for internet use, eBooks, gaming, and music. It is the perfect device to use for entertainment and personal usage. With endless apps available to download and a convenient touch screen, many people may opt for this option as a modernised device.

It is fair to say that the in recent years, manufacturers have made tablets smaller, lighter and overall, extremely portable, without taking away any of their key features. This is preferred for many buyers who may be on the go and like to take their tablet everywhere with them. Laptops contain heavier parts like fans which can add to the size and weight.

Another benefit of tablets is that their battery life can last longer than a laptop. However, this will depend on which apps are in use. Tablets consist of low powered hardware which is why the battery life can be significantly better.


However, in terms of professional use like work and other productivity, a laptop offers more. This is because a laptop is designed to create and store documentation which requires a more powerful software. For professional hobbies or careers that require lots of internet use, admin, files, and storage, a laptop can be seen as the better option.

Laptops have the ability to hold more space due to their storage memory. Since they are often made for professional use, manufacturers will design this technology to hold a lot of data. It is also possible to add external storage onto a laptop to ensure you never run out.

Laptops can be faster at running programmes like Windows and add-on extensions. This is because tablets are not particularly made to run programmes like this which can slow down the operation of the device. Whereas a laptops purpose is to effectively run heavier programmes and extensions.


Due to the two devices being used for different things, it is clear that the end decision will be dependent on what exactly you are going to use it for. Tablets are great for using in your personal time for entertainment and can offer endless activities to keep you going. However, for work and professional use, a high-quality laptop can offer you everything you need without the worry of breakage and storage issues.

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